Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two Statements from the Indian Government

                The Indian Cabinet of Ministers would like to condemn the recent attacks in the Kashmir Region, and also would like to send their condolences to the families involved. In response to the Kashmir attacks, the Indian Government has mobilized 2000 security personnel to the region in order to protect the water resources. Additionally, India will be closing certain roads and highways, further securing our borders, and raising air force alertness. Noting that the south Asian Kashmir region was already unstable, a demilitarized zone would not be effective to all parties involved as proposed by the Security Council. Therefore India sees fit that we enhance security personnel within our borders to ensure the well-being of our citizens. However, the mobilization of personnel to the Kashmir region should not be viewed as an aggressive movement on the behalf of India. If these attacks continue, military action will be considered as necessary against the terrorist organizations responsible.

The people of India sincerely appreciate the offer of assistance from the Pakistani government. At this time we consider these attacks an internal affair and are responding to these acts of terrorism as such; the Indian army, medical core, and civil defense units have been dispatched to Mumbai and New Delhi. We have offered to meet with Pakistan regarding these offers of assistance. These offers have been denied by the cabinet of Pakistan.

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