Saturday, May 19, 2012

Civil Unrest in India

The Indian people are in an uproar in regards to the Indian President recent implementation of a state of emergency. News sources report that throughout the country, local communities are speaking out against this directive. Large protest groups have been sighted in Mumbai, Delhi, Pondicherry, and Calcutta. Civilian outcry against the recent state of emergency, particularly the militarization of all water and food supplies, is growing exponentially. 
State government officials, especially in South India, in an act of defiance are criticizing the rash actions of the Indian Cabinet. “The conflict is in Kashmir. The fighting should stay in Kashmir. How is depriving India’s entire population food and water going to help to protect this great nation?,” speculated a minister of the southern state of Tamil Naidu. 

While protests have not taken a violent turn, authorities are monitoring the situation. The current state of events are reminiscent of the state of emergency instated by then President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed,under the influence of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, from 1975-1977. During which time, the Prime Minister ordered an attack upon the Sikh's holy Golden Temple. Shortly thereafter, Prime Minister Gandhi was assassinated by her two Sikh body guards. 

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