Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trilateral President Talks. Important script.

Pakistan: Right of self-determination of the Kashmir people. India's insatiable build-up in the Kashmir region.
India : You violated international law and initiated  the conflict. We have both have sustained losses. China has become involved. We cannot have three of the eight international nuclear powers at war. India will not step down in any regards from protecting its people. India will always continue to defend itself.
Pakistan: We will continue to protect the Kashmir people from Indian aggression.

[No powers have indicated their intention of using nuclear arms.]

Pakistan: Pakistan will stop once Kashmir is free.
India: How far will China be involved in this conflict?
China: China will continue to support its Pakistani allies in terms of strikes and arm shipments.

Pakistan: All we want is peace.
India: WE were the citizens that were attacked by state backed terrorists. Kashmir is our territory.
Pakistan: India has repeatedly ignored the UNSC's demands to give a referendum to the Kashmir people.
India: India's responsibility as a democracy is to defend the minorities.
Pakistani: We will continue this war until Kashmir is free.

India: Then we are looking at a potential World War Three.
China: I believe that we have started World War Three.
India: You are implying that CHINA and PAKISTAN have started WW3.
Pakistan: WW3 has NOT started.
Pakistan: if anything, this is a regional war.

India: You are asking for things that we cannot give.
Pakistan: Those people don't want to be in India, they want to be free. Let them prove to you that they want to be free!

India: We are a country of peace. We got rid of colonialism without war. We protect citizens through peace. You have forced Indian civilians into actions through your illegal actions!
Pakistan: How many Muslims died during the segregation of India and Pakistan? A MILLION! A million Muslims died because of Pakistan's efforts!
India: Mr. President, freedom is something that you will never understand.
Pakistan: We're giving them freedom, you're giving them aggression.

Pakistan/India/China:  I think we have hit an impasse, we have nothing left to say to each other.

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