Saturday, May 19, 2012

General Singh Moves Troops to Kashmir Border

 Noting the failure of the Indian government to take significant action to protect its citizens from the terrorist threat for Pakistan, General VK Singh has authorized the deployment of troops to the India-Pakistan border. The Western and Northern command groups have been ordered to mobilize and relocate to the border, while additional armored divisions have been directed from central India. Airbases in the region have been placed on high alert, all under the authority of general Singh.

This action has been taken without authorization from the Indian cabinet, which he claims has failed to adequately respond to the current crisis. “The safety of the Indian people is my only concern – the government does not know what to – so it is on us to protect our people,” declared General Singh in a press conference following his orders.

General Singh has been a controversial but very popular figure in Indian politics, becoming the first military official to file a civil law suit against the government earlier this year. His popularity may prove to be a concern for the Indian Cabinet, who’s authority has been severely undercut by this action.

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