Saturday, May 19, 2012

Statement from the Security Council

Press Release:

The Security Council has just passed the Resolution UNSC/RES/1/1, implementing the No-Fly Zone Over Kashmir and the Indian- Pakistani Border in order to reduce and sustain current conflicts in the region. The stipulations of the Resolution include: (1) Stresses the need to intensify efforts in order to find a solution to the crisis among all countries involved; (2) Demands the immediate establishment of a ceasefire, complete end to violence, and all attacks and abuses against civilians by all parties involved; (3)    Demands that Indian and Pakistani authorities comply with their obligation under international law, including international humanitarian law, human rights law, taking measure to protect civilians; (4) Decides to establish on all flights in the airspace of the Kashmir region and the Indian- Pakistani border in order to help protect civilians and to deter war; (5)  Calls upon all Member States, acting nationally or regionally through organizations or arrangements, to provide assistance in implementing and monitoring this no-fly zone; (6) Condones further actions to be taken against those regional actors that violate the no-fly zone, which would include immediate indiscriminatory military action by neutral Member States in the region;  and (7) Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.
The Security Council also condemns Pakistan for the pre-emptive air strikes against India which has lead to the current state of war between the two powers. Believing this conflict can be resolved before further casualties, the Security Council continues to encourage peaceful negotiations for further progress toward international peace and security.

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