Saturday, May 19, 2012

Statement from the President of Pakistan

"It grieves me so to be issuing this statement. Pakistan has declared war against India in response to military aggression by India against the people of Pakistan. We will continue this righteous fight until the people of Kashmir are given the right of self-determination to decide their fate. We recognize that the Kashmir region is 70% Muslim, and that majority should be given the right to end a military occupation by India and come back to their fathers and brothers in Pakistan. We grieve for the atrocities committed against them by the Indian military. We pray for a swift end to this conflict, for the self-determination of Kashmir, and the souls of the righteous dead Pakistani forces fighting for the most holy causes - religious freedom. Furthermore, we commend the assistance of China in this military action, and look forward to working with them more closely in economic, military, and humanitarian issues." 

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